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Proceedings of BauSim Conference 2006: 1st Conference of IBPSA-Germany and Austria


Lebenszyklusanalyse im Bauwesen: Instrumente zur ökologisch-orientierten Planung und Entscheidungsfindung

R. Ilg, A. Braune, J. Kreißig, K. Sedlbauer

Abstract: On the road to sustainable development, theconstruction industry influences our ecological,economical and social life in a decisive manner. Todetermine the environmental effects in the designphase, an early consideration is required for forwardlooking and responsible decision-makers. Amongstconsideration of the whole life cycle of a building,which means the design, construction, use andrecycling of a building, a shift of burden from onephase to the other is avoided.The fully developed Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)database software-systems offer the possibility thatvarious environmental effects of materials andprocesses throughout the whole life cycle can betaken into account and be used for life cycle basedEnvironmental Product Declarations (EPDs).Complex systems, as well as modelling of a buildingcan be analysed and the environmental effects ofvarying parameters can be evaluated.The subscription presents an overview of the currentapplication of LCA in the construction industry anddiscusses, in which way this data and concept couldbe included into existing planning software systems,to address the life cycle thinking within theconstruction industry.
Pages: 77 - 77