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Proceedings of BauSim Conference 2008: 2nd Conference of IBPSA-Germany and Austria


Die dynamische Berechnung der Energiebilanz in thermoaktiven Bauteilen als Vorausetzung für die Vergleichbarkeit zwischen Bauteilaktivierung und konventionellen Kühlsystemen

Olivier Pol

Abstract: By designing HVAC systems for office buildings, it is quite often required to compare the energy performance between alternative cooling systems. In the case of thermally activated building systems (TABS), static calculation methods like the VDI 2078 only use a calculated effective thermal storage capacity and this does not allow for a complete comparison between cooling systems. Thermal transient building simulation is adapted for such comparison if all components of the energy balance are calculated at each time step and if the simulation of different cooling systems is done under formulated here. The different components of the energy balance in TABS are calculated in detail for a typical office building in Vienna with the software TRNSYS and it is shown how the heat flow removed from the room by the construction element has to be used as a comparison variable. The equivalent framework conditions for a comparison with an air cooling system are formulated. Afterwards, a way to present the simulation results of a building equipped with TABS to the design team is introduced; this approach should be used when it is required to make a comparison between TABS and an air cooling system.
Pages: 112 - 112