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Proceedings of BauSim Conference 2008: 2nd Conference of IBPSA-Germany and Austria


Messtechnische und rechnerische Untersuchung zur Auswirkung des Mikroklimas auf das thermische Gebäudeverhalten

Andrea Schneider

Abstract: Thermal simulations are using hourly weather data usually in the form of test reference years (Christoffer, 2005) or generated data for example the software Meteonorm (Meteonorm, 2007) which creates for a whole year climate data for a specific location. However with these input values the microclimate of the location is not into taken account. One objective of a dissertation is the investigation and presentation of different microclimates based on the analysis of radiation data, temperature, relative humidity and wind conditions for measured climate data in Kassel. To evaluate microscale effects in urban structures, the simulation program ENVI met (ENVI-met, 2008) is established. A defined study site with two meteorological monitoring stations will involve the use of ENVI met simulated. The data from a monitoring station serve as initialization values for the calculation of air temperature, humidity, wind direction, wind speed and solar radiation, while the second station will be used to validate the results. First results of the comparison with the ENVI met calculated values and the spot measured values are displayed.
Pages: 130 - 130