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Proceedings of BauSim Conference 2008: 2nd Conference of IBPSA-Germany and Austria


Gekoppelte Simulation der thermischen Umgebung und des thermischen Komforts mit einem erweiterten Tanabe Modell

Rita Streblow, Dirk Müller, Ingo Gores

Abstract: Thermal ambient conditions in rooms and inside cabins and vehicles show very complex and asymmetrical structures. For an evaluation of the thermal comfort models are necessary, which allow a transient and local resolution of the environment. The Tanabe model has this ability and is chosen for an implementation in the object oriented programming language Modelica. For the conversion of the physiological results of the Tanabe model a psychological model based on the Zhang model is appended. The whole model is calibrated to a large experimental database in an optimization process. A coupling between the 1D-comfort simulation and a three dimensional flow simulation using the commercial flow solver ANSYS CFX gives detailed information of the ambient conditions.
Pages: 134 - 136