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Proceedings of BauSim Conference 2008: 2nd Conference of IBPSA-Germany and Austria


Messtechnische Ermittlung von Luftwechselzahlen in großen Lufträumen und CFD-Abgleich

Mani Zargari, M.N. Fisch

Abstract: In the context of the research project „Intergration and Energy Efficiency of Atria“ happens the investigation of planning tools like CFD and empiric equations for the prognosis of the thermal behaviour of large, glass-roofed spaces (called Atria). The main focus is on the technical measurement of the airchange due to natural ventilation with tracergas with not standardised methods and verification of planning tools. The thermal behaviour of atria mainly depends on the airchange. The prognosis of the airchange for the conceptional design of a building is a difficult task because there are not existing general accepted methods. Based on former research studies [Gerder] [Etheridge] the measurement of the airchange takes place without mixing the air. Without mixing the type of the ventilation of a space is still sustainable. The method is applied on three different atria-buildings several times with different boundary conditions whereas it is necessary to adapt the method on the individual ventilation design of the atria. The relevant boundaries are contemporaneous measured and are analyzed in consideration of their quality as CFD-input parameters. Following CFDanalysis allows the detecting of further influencing variables. Empirical equations are tested and improved for the use in the conceptual design. The target is the use of validated equations in dynamic building simulation software.
Pages: 146 - 146