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Proceedings of BauSim Conference 2008: 2nd Conference of IBPSA-Germany and Austria


Primero-Komfort: Optimierungstool für thermischen Komfort und passive Kühlung

Arno Dentel, Udo Dietrich, Astrid Rötzel, Wolfram Stephan

Abstract: PRIMERO-Comfort evaluates the thermal comfort in buildings according the Netherland comfort index ISSO 74 (2004 ) and the German guideline DIN 4108-2 (2003). The aim of the new software is to promote the capabilities of renewable cooling methods, supported by a user friendly graphical interface. Primero-Comfort is based on the dynamic simulation program EnergyPlus (2008) and it is limited for monozone simulations. The geometrical description of the zone is similar to computer aided design software. Therefore it is user friendly way to describe complex geometry. Libraries for internal gains, wall constructions, windows and shading 19 IBPSA devices are also integrated. The well arranged report and summary part of the program include the energy balances of the zone, temperatures (air, operative, surface, ambient), histograms for the room temperature. Also the evaluation according DIN 4108-2 (2003) and ISSO 74 (2004) is included. The calculation of the primary energy demand, to achieve the thermal comfort, will be integrated in a further project step. This paper presents results from the project “PRIMERO-Comfort/Primero-Cooling”. The project was friendly supported form the Rud.Otto MeyerUmwelt-Stiftung. DANKSAGUNG Dieses Projekt wurde unterstützt von der Rud. Otto Meyer-Umwelt-Stiftung.
Pages: 19 - 20