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Proceedings of BauSim Conference 2008: 2nd Conference of IBPSA-Germany and Austria


Simulation und Messung des Sommerlichen Wärmeverhaltens unterschiedlicher Dämmvarianten im Steildach

Jan Peter Hinrichs

Abstract: The room under the roof is increasingly used as living space. Especially in summer the external surface heats up and the room air temperature of the attic becomes uncomfortably high. The insulation between the rafters is to reduce the penetration of heat. At the outdoor testing site from the Fraunhofer Institute of building physics a roof with two different insulation variants was built. It should show how the indoor air temperature with the different materials behaves. Two materials were chosen: wood fiber board and mineral fiber insulation. With the experimental measured values the computer simulation WUFI®-Plus was validated. Afterwards parameter variations were carried out, to detect the influence of attic windows and the building orientation. The results of the measurement show small differences between the room air temperatures for the different insulation material, whereas on which the maximum time displacement of the indoor air temperature is identifiable. With increase roof window ratio the simulation shows a decreasing phase angle between the different insulation variants. The simulation reflects the same behaviour Without built-in windows a different phase angle can be found. This phase angle reduces with increasing windows ratio, whereas a higher amplitude for the mineral fiber present. The wood fiber board has a higher storage capacity. Consequently, the number of hours, with temperature over the comfort range, is with wood fiber board larger. Also the influence of the insulation material on phase change and over temperature hours reduces in case of built-in windows. The simulation tool WUFI®-Plus enables to access the influence of climate, geometry and material on the thermal comfort in attic rooms.
Pages: 42 - 42