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Proceedings of BauSim Conference 2008: 2nd Conference of IBPSA-Germany and Austria


Entwicklung einer Bewertungsmethodik für den sommerlichen Wärmeschutz auf Basis des Nutzkältebedarfs nach DIN V 18599

Kirsten Höttges, Christoph Kempkes

Abstract: The design of thermal comfort in summer within residential buildings is based on the method of DIN 4108-2 (German standard). This static procedure uses one room of a building to assess a figure called "Sonneneintragskennwert", i.e. the rate of heat sources due to sunlight radiation entering the room, in order to ensure comfortable indoor temperatures in summer without the use of cooling devices. As a package of new standards, DIN V 18599 provides a monthly based calculation method to determine the net energy use for heating and cooling using the energy balance. The presentation will describe the development of a new assessment technique for thermal comfort in summer based on the standard DIN V 18599 used for the evaluation of the energy demand of the building. The requirements on the thermal comfort in summer could then be expressed based on energy related figures e.g. the maximum energy use for cooling.
Pages: 49 - 49