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Proceedings of BauSim Conference 2008: 2nd Conference of IBPSA-Germany and Austria


Auswirkungen der Lage, Stärke und Phasenwechseltemperatur von PCM – Materialien auf die thermische Performance eines Einfamilienhauses

Azra Korjenic, Thomas Bednar, Christian Cervenka

Abstract: In the course of this work different investigations were done to check the construction-physical usefulness of the application of „Phase Change materials“ (in the following with PCM-s shortened) to the temperature stabilisation as well as the reduction of the heating demand and cooling demand in buildings. The first purpose of this work was, the experimental regulation of the specific warm capacity, dependent on temperature for 3 well-chosen PCM-s, remembering to check afterwards the influence of their thermal qualities on components. In addition different variations with different positions and strength of the PCM-fillings in the vertically perforated brick are examined with the help of the simulation program “buildopt” for an 8zonal model, which should illustrate a single-family house. The carried out investigations have appeared that the correct position, strength and phase change temperature by the application of PCM represent clear energy conservation potential. Through the phase change in the right temperature area can be registered as a positive side effect a low reduction of the heating demand, depending on the glazing surface.
Pages: 63 - 65