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Proceedings of BauSim Conference 2008: 2nd Conference of IBPSA-Germany and Austria


Proposal for a Building Energy Efficiency Certificate

Hans-Peter Leimer

Abstract: The objective for the next years must be a significant reduction of energy consumption, together with an increasing awareness for the continuing rise of energy costs, increasing population and the need to save energy in order to reduce emissions. In a first step, it is essential to avoid not only an extreme increase of energy demand for heating and cooling, but also extreme peak loads, which can lead to a supply shortfall. Correct consideration of the requirements while planning the building’s envelope, especially the façade is essential. Therefore, a planning and control instrument including a certification system will be developed, which will enable both the architect and the authorising authority to apprise and assess the energetic behaviour of buildings using average technical expertise and at reasonable cost. For this, it is vital that that the basic physical structure of buildings be considered exclusively in respect to regional climatic conditions. Calculations must be based solely on the results of thermal balance equations. The assessment must be made unaffected by political and lobby influences, which often play a role: e.g. primary energy sourcing. This of course includes economic considerations, in which the investment costs for additional insulation are set against operating and maintenance costs.
Pages: 73 - 78