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Proceedings of BauSim Conference 2010: 3rd Conference of IBPSA-Germany and Austria


Considerations on the energy performance of a building

Ligia Mihaela Moga, Ioan Moga

Abstract: Similar to the mechanical behavior of the resistance structure of a building which is completely characterized by the stiffness matrix of the structure, the thermal performance of a building is fully characterized by the matrix of thermal coupling coefficients of the functions in a building and matrix of air exchanges between the functions in that building. Determination of thermal coupling matrix is made in accordance with EN ISO 10211:2007 standard, based on spatial temperature field in thermal stationary regime, inferred for a spatial network that includes the building and the ground on which the building is located. The vertical planes that are sectioning the land around the building are considered at a distance of 2.5 x width of a building on all sides and in the soil to a depth of 7 m. The paper will present a method for the calculus of the energy performance of buildings that uses the above mentioned matrixes.
Pages: 1 - 8