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Proceedings of BauSim Conference 2010: 3rd Conference of IBPSA-Germany and Austria


Untersuchungen zum Einsatz von Verdunstungskühlung innerhalb eines hybriden Lüftungskonzeptes

Wojciech Kozak, Alf Perschk, Markus Rösler

Abstract: It is a challenge to attain a high level of thermal comfort during the summer without using energy intensive air conditioning systems even with high insulation standards of the walls in new buildings. Despite moderate inner loads and intensive protections against solar gains a cooling load often remains that affects the thermal comfort. This paper investigates by means of computer simulation a hybrid ventilation concept where cooling is provided by a direct evaporative cooler. The research work has been carried out within a DST-DFG cooperation program with the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, where a prototype of such a cooler is investigated and optimised. This paper analyses the potential for use of evaporative coolers in low energy buildings and traditional buildings with lower insulation standard under Central European summer conditions. In addition, the influence of shading appliances, ventilation strategy and thermal insulation of the building on the thermal comfort attained in the simulated room along with the energy consumption of the used system is investigated. For the simulations the program TRNSYS (Klein et al. 1976) is applied, but in a special version developed by TU Dresden (Perschk, 2000) and (Perschk et al., 2007). It has been found that evaporative coolers, together with a suitable ventilation strategy and sufficient shading are able to provide levels of thermal comfort comparable with those gained by mechanical air conditioning systems. The energy consumption is substantially lower and effects on the humidity content of the walls are in the safe region.
Pages: 123 - 130