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Proceedings of BauSim Conference 2010: 3rd Conference of IBPSA-Germany and Austria


Auswirkungen der Bewertung des Thermischen Komforts im Sommer nach EN 15251 auf die bekannten Regeln zur Optimierung des Sommerlichen Wärmeschutzes

Lydia Ax, Udo Dietrich

Abstract: Today a building must meet many claims. The user would like to feel comfortable, architects and property market demand a marketing-effective external appearance. Increasingly more importantly become approved building labels like DGNB or the comfort assessment to new standards like EN 15251. A guide line B12-8132.1 / 0 (2008) of the German Federal Ministry of traffic, construction and urban development requires for all future buildings belonging to German federation that they are ventilated naturally („type Alpha“,fig.1), the thermal comfort in summer is to be valued to EN 15251 (comfort classes from I to III). Aim is an achievement of the comfort class II with maximum 5% of excess hours. It is to be expected that this standard will be a component of the energy saving order (EnEV) and with it obligingly for all new buildings in Germany in the near future. With the help of dynamic simulations of standard offices has been examined which qualities they should have to meet the guide line of the German federation. At the same time it was examined in an accompanying course with master-students of architecture which chances exist to form such buildings of the “type Alpha” contemporary and in line with market requirements. The results give occasion for entitled hope.
Pages: 164 - 170