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Proceedings of BauSim Conference 2010: 3rd Conference of IBPSA-Germany and Austria


Simulation einer prädiktiven Raumtemperaturregelung unter Verwendung einer idealen Wettervorhersage

Gregor Görtler, Barbara Beigelböck

Abstract: Due to the use of MPC (Model Predictive Control) for room heating applications users and constructors expect nameable energy savings. By usage of a simulation for a special case the energy saving potential of predictive control algorithm for room temperature control in connection with an ideal weather forecast, in comparism to established algorithms (PI-control, two level controller) is estimated. The controlled system with the control variable room temperature is a room with floor heating which was modelled in TRNSYS. A linear state space model of the controlled system was derived with suitable identification methods. This model was used by the predictive control algorithm, which was programmed in MATLAB. The weather data was taken from the TRNSYS library and has been made available also for the control algorithm, so that an ideal weather forecast was established. For the example considered in this paper, the amount of energy saving was 10% per year with the MPCcontroller compared to a PI-controller.
Pages: 203 - 208