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Proceedings of BauSim Conference 2010: 3rd Conference of IBPSA-Germany and Austria


Integration von low-e-oberflächen und kurzwelliger Solarstrahlung in die Komfortberechung mit TRNSYS 17

Johannes Aschaber, Marion Hiller, Marius Dillig

Abstract: The mean radiant temperature (MRT) is a key factor for determining thermal comfort. Simple models apply pure geometric factors like area weighted factors or view factors for calculation of the mean radiant temperature. The influence of optical properties as non-black surfaces and the multiple reflections necessary for low-e effects are generally neglected. To account for both geometrical and optical properties, the detailed comfort model of TRNSYS 17 is based on Gebhart factors. A sphere shaped sensor on the base of DIN EN ISO 7726 and VDI 3787 is simulated. However, this model is currently restricted to long-wave radiation. This paper briefly describes the detailed comfort model of TRNSYS 17 integrating the effect of highly reflecting surfaces and a generalization of the model including short-wave beam and diffuse solar radiation. In addition, the results of a comparitive study between TRNSYS 17 calculations and measurements in a test environment are presented. Mean radiant temperature thereby is evaluated in different radiative environments including short wave radiation and effects of reflecting surfaces. The measurements show good consistency with TRNSYS 17 calculation results and validate the chosen model within the measurement accuracy. 1.
Pages: 247 - 253