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Proceedings of BauSim Conference 2010: 3rd Conference of IBPSA-Germany and Austria


Modellierung eines Büroraumes mit multifunktioneller Fassade

Martin Alexander Waser, Hermann Schranzhofer, Richard Heimrath, Thomas Mach, Wolfgang Streicher, Christoph Zauner, Marcus Rennhofer, Heinz Wascher, Mario J. Mueller

Abstract: This paper shows a concept of a detailed thermal simulation of an office room equipped with a multifunctional façade. The thermal roomzone and its interaction with the multufunctional modules are built up in the software package TRNSYS 17. The multifunctional modules which are placed in the façade are a thermal solar panel, an opaque photovoltaic panel, semitranparental photovoltaic cells built in a glazing, an electrochromic glazing and a hvac module. Such a system was built up at the ‘Hans Höllwart - Forschungszentrum für integrales Bauwesen AG’ (FIBAG) researchlab. It is part of the five year project Multifunctional Plug & Play Façade (MPPF). For the simulation model the parameters of the real prototype were used as boundary conditions.
Pages: 42 - 49