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Proceedings of BauSim Conference 2010: 3rd Conference of IBPSA-Germany and Austria


Urban streetscapes responding to changing climate conditions – Effects of street layout on thermal exposure

Wolfgang Loibl, Andreas Jäger, Markus Knoflacher, Mario Koestl, Johann Zueger

Abstract: This contribution explores the effects of climate change on open spaces and street canyons in urban environments, using the “Aspern” New Town development in Vienna as a principal case study. Specifically, the effects of alterations in the urban fabric are analysed with regard to sun exposure and ventilation. Results of future regional climate scenarios are incorporated in a second series of microclimate simulations. Future climate conditions are based on regional climate simulations for the years 1960-2050, carried out by the authors in previous studies. Microclimate conditions are simulated with the ENVI-met tool, simulating climate dynamics within a daily cycle reproducing the major microscale atmospheric processes, based on the laws of fluid dynamics and thermodynamics. 3D-block models of the planned Aspern development with 5m cell resolution are introduced to consider effects of different spatial characteristics due to block layout and tree distribution at a local level.
Pages: 420 - 427