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Proceedings of BauSim Conference 2010: 3rd Conference of IBPSA-Germany and Austria


Neue Monte-Rosa-Hütte: Simulationen für eine energieautarke Alpenhütte

Urs-Peter Menti, Iwan Plüss, Matthias Sulzer

Abstract: The new Monte Rosa Hut fulfills not only aesthetic demands, it is expected to reach a 90 percent selfsufficiency in energy. The way to reach this aim consists not of experiments or high-end components: it's the intelligent combination of all the subsystems into a fully integrated system. Simulations are not only used to dimension the components, they are also used to optimize the interaction of all elements of the system. The simulations provide accurate predictions of performance and hence permit to achieve the ambitious goals. Energy management plays an important part in achieving a high degree of self-sufficiency. Optimized energy management employs technology that is conventional and tried and tested, such as the smart integration of all components into a complex overall system, resulting in a high energy efficiency. For instance, data such as weather forecast and expected visitor numbers will be fed into the energy management system for model predictive control. In other words, dynamic boundary conditions will be taken into account. Before implemented in the energy management system, newly developed strategies are tested by simulation.
Pages: 66 - 70