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Proceedings of BauSim Conference 2012: 4th Conference of IBPSA-Germany and Austria


Komfort für Passivhaus-Büros – Planungsunterstützung mit Hilfe gekoppelter Gebäude-, Anlagen- und Strömungssimulation

Ralf Gritzki, Markus Rösler, Tobias Waltjen, Thomas Zelger

Abstract: In the course of this study extensive numerical investigations of different heating, ventilation and cooling concepts were carried out for a typical passive house office. As well the energetic aspects as the thermal and hygienic comfort were taken into account. The investigations were performed by building and system simulation coupled to computational fluid dynamics (CFD). A big variety of centralized and decentralized heating-, cooling-, ventilation and sun screen systems and their combinations were analyzed. The results clearly show that also for office buildings with their specific feature of usage as dense occupancy and high internal loads the construction form as a passive house is advisable. In terms of heating, cooling and ventilation it was shown that a separation of ventilation and temperature regulation (e.g. by heating or cooling ceilings) with simultaneous air supply close to the floor (displacement ventilation) seems to be the best compromise between energy efficiency and thermal comfort.
Pages: 263 - 270