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Proceedings of BauSim Conference 2012: 4th Conference of IBPSA-Germany and Austria


Modelica Building Systems – Eine Modellbibliothek zur Simulation komplexer energietechnischer Gebäudesysteme

Christoph Nytsch-Geusen, Jörg Huber, Manuel Ljubijankic, Jörg Rädler

Abstract: The Modelica library BuildingSystems for objectoriented modelling and simulation of complex energetic building systems is being developed by the chair of building services technology at UdK Berlin. The models of the library cover a broad spectrum of the domains such as room and building, solar energy technologies (solar thermal energy, photovoltaics), HVAC and are completed with specialized models for the generation of boundary conditions of the user behavior and climate data. A special feature is the fact that several models are present in different levels of detail in space and in the physical meaning. For example, a model of a district heating net-work combined with a set of strong simplified building models or a detailed hydraulic net of a heating system combined with a detailed multi-zone building model can be reflected by the model library. The paper describes the most important features of the Modelica library BuildingSystems and demonstrates them by the use of several applications.
Pages: 271 - 278