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Proceedings of BauSim Conference 2012: 4th Conference of IBPSA-Germany and Austria


Implementierung einer modelbasierten prädiktiven Regelung für ein Nichtwohngebäude mit komplexem Energiekonzept – Simulationsergebnisse

Ana Constantin, Johannes Fütterer, Dirk Müller, Giorgos Kontes, Dimitrios Rovas

Abstract: The EU-funde d project PE BBLE aim s to achieve maximal net energy produced for buildings under the constraint of user co mfort by u sing an i ntelligent control process. The new E.ON ERC main building will b e u sed as a d emonstration bu ilding. Detailed simulation models for the demonstration building are prerequisites fo r th e building’s op timization and control p rocess. The m odel was de veloped wi th t he modeling l anguage M odelica. The si mulations were done in the simulation environment Dymola coupled with th e co ntroller optimizing algorith m, wh ich was implemented in MATLAB. First si mulation resu lts show that this controller leads to better results regarding e nergy consumption and c omfort t han r ulebased controllers.
Pages: 311 - 315