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Proceedings of BauSim Conference 2012: 4th Conference of IBPSA-Germany and Austria


Thermo-hydraulische Modellierung eines Niedrigexergiesystems zur Gebäudeheizung und -kühlung und modellbasierte Optimierung des Anlagenbetriebs

Dominik Wystrcil

Abstract: In this survey a thermo-hydraulic energy supply system for heating and cooling was modeled in the dynamic simulation environment Dymola/Modelica. The simulation models were validated with detailed measurement data as far as possible. The survey building is a swimming house with a heat pump system installed which uses the lake as environmental heat source and sink. With the simulation model two alternative control strategies were compared with the control strategy which is implemented in the plant at the moment. The comparison was carried out using energetic and exergetic characteristic numbers like e.g. seasonal performance factors or exergetic efficiencies. The simulation studies show that reductions in the exergy consumption of about 5% respectivly 8% for the alternative control strategies 1 and 2 compared to the reference strategy are possible. Therefore the seasonal performance factors can be increased from 5.0 to 5.3 respectively 5.4
Pages: 416 - 422