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Proceedings of BauSim Conference 2014: 5th Conference of IBPSA-Germany and Austria


Co-simulation of a smart home model based on a micro electricity market

W. El-Baz, P. Tzscheutschler

Abstract: Demand Side Management (DSM) represents one of the most important factors in increasing the overall electrical system efficiency. To achieve an automated DSM, an Energy Management System (EMS) must be applied within the building. Throughout this contribution, an EMS based on a micro electricity market model, in which all the devices interact based on the energy costs to minimize the overall energy costs, will be presented. The EMS calculates the cost signal and distributes it over to the supply and demand side devices so that they can take their own sale or purchase decisions. The simulation is based on cosimulation between SimulationX and Simulink. Keywords: Simulink-Modelica Co-Simulation, User behavior, Decentralized Energy Management System, Micro Market, Micro Cogeneration
Pages: 30 - 37