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Proceedings of BauSim Conference 2014: 5th Conference of IBPSA-Germany and Austria


Echtzeitfähige wechselseitig gekoppelte thermisch-/hygrische Strömungs- und Kabinensimulation zur Reduzierung des Heizwärmebedarfes in PKW

M. Knorr, R. Gritzki, M. Rösler, C. Felsmann

Abstract: As a result of the electrification of the powertrain of cars less heat is produced during the energy conversion in the car, which consequently cannot be used for heating the car cabin. Thus, studies on the reduction of the energy demand for heating are increasingly required. Experiences and methods from the building energy sector can be used for that purposeful. The paper describes the application of a simulation program previously used for building simulation with coupling to CFD simulation. By the simulation evaluated concepts for passive and active demand reduction are presented in terms of energy and physiological point of view.
Pages: 234 - 241