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Proceedings of BauSim Conference 2014: 5th Conference of IBPSA-Germany and Austria


Niedertemperaturheizung in Kombination mit einer dezentralen Boiler-Wärmepumpe

F. Ochs, P. Krimbacher, D. Siegele, W. Feist

Abstract: Low temperature heating system in combination with a decentral boiler heat pump By means of building and system simulation the technical feasibility of an innovative concept of decentral domestic hot water preparation for multifamily houses is investigated. A decentral boiler heat pump uses the return flow of the heating system (here floor heating) as heat source. In this study, the technical aspects are in the focus of the investigation, which build the basis for a later economic feasibility study. The advantages of the investigated system compared to conventional supply concepts for heat distribution in multi-family houses (such as e.g. 2pipe, 4-pipe circulation and 4-pipe with freshwater station) are investigated. The storage and distribution losses, the efficiency of the energy supply - in particular of the used heat pump(s), as well as the thermal comfort must be taken into consideration. For multi-family houses, the domestic hot water preparation by means of decentralised boiler heat pumps is beneficial compared to conventional supply and distribution concepts especially for very efficient buildings (NZEBs) such as e.g. PH due to the significantly reduced distribution losses in combination with the relative low efficiency of the heat pump at the high temperatures required for the domestic hot water preparation.
Pages: 379 - 386