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Proceedings of BauSim Conference 2014: 5th Conference of IBPSA-Germany and Austria


TRNSYSLizard – Open Source tool für RHINOCEROS – GRASSHOPPER zur einfachen, schnellen und sicheren Simulation einer Gebäudezone unter Ankopplung von TRNSYS und DAYSIM

C. Frenzel, M. Hiller

Abstract: This document presents the newly developed components for Grasshopper (=GH) in Rhinoceros (=Rhino). The established open source component package named TRNSYSLizard (short form Lizard) enables the combination of thermal and daylight simulation in one common user input. The formfinding and assessment boundary conditions can be entered as parameters and combined with optimization algorithms. The boundary conditions of the thermal simulation are also used for the daylight simulation. To simplify the process, predefined components with parameters are available for the user. The results are automatically displayed, giving the user a total package regarding the inputs and outputs. This procedure allows an early holistic evaluation of different conceptual approaches for decision support. The transparency and expandability of the tool played very important roles in the development. The flexibility allows the user to analyze many aspects of the model by means of variant and sensitivity analysis. A case study, using the example of a classroom, shows the advantages and disadvantages of this approach.
Pages: 490 - 496