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Proceedings of BauSim Conference 2016: 6th Conference of IBPSA-Germany and Austria


Qualitative und quantitative Tageslichttechnische Fassadenplanung für die Beratungspraxis

Boer J. De, S. Wössner, E. Budde, D. Polle, D. Witzel, M. Schmidt

Abstract: Planning uncertainty has long prevailed in the area of façades and skylights due to the use of daylight in buildings. There was a lack of data describing the characteristics of daylighting systems and the appropriate planning and consultation software. This led to planning errors and not maximising the potential that façade technology can offer with regard to daylighting. Based on the results of a joint research project, planners will now be given the opportunity to plan the use of daylight through light-transmissive facade systems correctly and easily with the DIALux evo software. The corresponding data interface allows the use of the calculation within other programs. Façade systems and skylights are measured photometrically in an advanced goniophotometer. Processing algorithms for the measurement data allow the calculation of daylight in amount and direction of the interior in conjunction with outdoor lighting. The measurement data are also the basis for the creation of electronic product catalogs where manufacturers can enrich the technical façade systems and skylight data with relevant marketingrelated information for the planner (i.e. electric lighting catalogues in DIALux). The lighting design software, DIALux evo, uses the measured data and provides the correct calculation of different daylight conditions. Different system can be compared and optimized directly. Based on the results of daylighting calculation, a complementary electric lighting design can be carried out, which also optimizes the energy use for lighting within the existing architecture.
Pages: 465 - 471