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Proceedings of BauSim Conference 2016: 6th Conference of IBPSA-Germany and Austria


Exploring the effectiveness of window operation models for thermal comfort and energy performance assessments

F. Tahmasebi, M. Schuss, A. Mahdavi

Abstract: Use of advanced occupancy-related models is gaining momentum in the building simulation community. However, the predictive performance of occupant behavior models in different contexts and their implications for building performance results involve potentially detrimental uncertainties. In this context, the current contribution deploys long-term monitored data from an office area and its calibrated simulation model to conduct an external evaluation of a number of widely used stochastic and nonstochastic window operation models in view of their effectiveness to enhance the reliability of thermal comfort and heating demand assessments. The results suggest that, while stochastic models can emulate the seemingly random character of occupant behavior, their use does not guarantee more reliable predictions. Leaving aside the large errors resulted from using such models without the necessary adjustments, stochastic window operation models overestimated the occupants’ operation of windows in heating season and thus the annual and peak heating demand. However, as compared with rulebased models, the stochastic models displayed a better performance in window operation prediction and thermal comfort assessment in the free-running season.
Pages: 489 - 496