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Proceedings of BauSim Conference 2018: 7th Conference of IBPSA-Germany and Austria



P. Doll, V. Koch

Abstract: Augmented reality (AR) opens up a wealth of potential for visually supporting the digital design and construction process in the construction industry by adding real-time virtual content to camera recordings of commercial smartphones. Particularly relevant in the construction sector are accurate, true-to-scale figures in outdoor scenarios, which provide an easily interpreted graphic image of planning information to project participants and interest groups on-site and make construction faults visible at an early stage during the construction process. A light marker technology, which is currently being developed as part of a research project, should achieve the required positional accuracy in very different lighting conditions with low installation effort using commercially available smartphones and make professional use of the AR technology for outdoor construction. This article gives an insight into the background of the AR light marker tech­ nology and introduces the test procedure and the results of the first field test.