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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2009: 11th Conference of IBPSA



Adil Rasheed, Darren Robinson

Abstract: Climate Modelling is a complex task. One of the most important reasons is the presence of a large variety of spatio-temporal scales. There are climatic changes that take place over a time period of a few months and then there are gusts which might last only a few seconds. Similarly there can be a strong influence on the weather of a city due to the presence of a large water body like a sea or of a mountain having a dimension of a few tens or hundreds of kilometres and then there can be a local influence due to the presence of urban structures like buildings and canopies having dimensions of the order of a few meters only. It is not computationally tractable to handle all of these scales in a single climate model. However, we can solve this issue by an integration of a global, meso and micro scale model capable of handling each of the different scales of interest. In this paper we describe in detail one such approach, along with some sample results demonstrating the capabilities of this tool.
Pages: 505 - 512