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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2009: 11th Conference of IBPSA



Werner Paul Keilholz, Peter Riederer, Vanessa Ducreux

Abstract: In building simulation tools differential equations are widely used to model physical phenomena of components such as walls, air and any kind of system component in the building. Especially when simulation is used to study and optimise system control, the models used are mainly transient models solving differential equations in order to represent correctly the transient behaviour of the whole control loop. The TRNSYS simulation environment is a powerful tool allowing the simulation of a large number of problems. However, developing and/or implementing new models (called ‘Types’ in TRNSYS terminology) can be an obstacle for those users who use TRNSYS as a simulation environment and not a modelling and simulation environment. In most simulation studies, there is a need for simple models considering phenomena that are specifically important for the actual problem. Simple steady state where A and C are i,i matrices, and B and D i,j matrices, X the state vector, U the input vector and Y the output or observation vector. In the developed type, only equation (1) is implemented to date.
Pages: 1582 - 1587