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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2009: 11th Conference of IBPSA



Nestor Fonseca Diaz, Philippe André, Cristian Cuevas

Abstract: As a part of commissioning case study, the cooling ceiling system of a commercial building in Brussels is experimentally evaluated by means of a functional test procedure and a detailed thermal model of this system. This one has to be used in situ, as diagnosis tool in commissioning process in order to determine the main parameters of the cooling ceiling systems. Due to the extended glazing surface of the building, the problem is the overheating of zones submitted to the expected solar heat gains. The subsystems considered for commissioning process include the fenestration, ventilation and cooling ceiling system. The interaction and individual operation conditions of each system are evaluated. A Functional Performance Testing guide (FPT) for cooling ceiling commissioning process is proposed. NOMENCLATURE c Specific heat [J/kg-K] C Constant [-] D Diameter [m] H Height [m] L Length [m] M& Mass flow rate [kg/s] Q Heat flow [W] t Temperature [°C] ∆T Temperature difference [K] ∆P Pressure difference [Pa] W Width [m] w Distance between tubes [m] Subscripts a Air c Ceiling cc Cooling ceiling g Glazing i Internal e External meas Measured n Constant p Pressure, panel res Resultant su Supply s surface t Tube void Air cavity on top of the cooling ceiling w Water or wall. win Window
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