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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2011: 12th Conference of IBPSA


Identification of equivalent thermal RC network models based on step response and genetic algorithms

Gilles Fraisse, Bernard Souyri, Sébastien Pinard

Abstract: When heat conduction is considered, assessment of simplified RC (resistances and capacities) model parameters is a great challenge due to thermal mass. This article presents a new method for identifying the parameters of equivalent thermal RC network models by illustrating the case of 1D conduction in a wall. The parameters of the RC model are identified by the optimization method of genetic algorithms. The performance criterion is based on the sum of errors related to surface temperature responses, due to steps imposed on the ambient temperatures on either side of the wall. The originality of the method is to consider a constant time step on the logarithmic time. This is particularly important to ensure the validity of the RC model for high pulses when the frequency analysis is considered.
Pages: 201 - 206