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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2011: 12th Conference of IBPSA


The Scientific Approach to Building Simulations: The New Zealand Context

Patrick John Arnold

Abstract: This paper discusses the scientific method with respect to building modelling, the likely sources of error inherent in the modelling process and the common methods of accounting for them. The limitations of doing so is also discussed. The discussion is then extended to common simulation methodologies used in practice, in the New Zealand context. Three types of building simulation are discussed: prescriptive, or those carried out using a set methodology; investigative, those carried out in a more fluid methodology as part of the design process; and predictive, those carried in order to estimate a building’s future energy usage. The paper concludes with an identification of some of the failings of simulation in practice with regards to the scientific approach which should be the focus of further effort.
Pages: 482 - 489