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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2011: 12th Conference of IBPSA


Study Of The Partial Shading Impact On The PV Roof In Zero Energy Building In Singapore With PVSYST Simulations

Weimeng Sun, Poh Khai Ng, Jieer Ouyang

Abstract: Singapore’s Zero-Energy Building (ZEB) is the first net-zero-energy-consumption building in Southeast Asia that has been retrofitted from an existing building. The trees around this retrofitted building were conserved. This paper exams the effect of shadings from the conserved trees on the energy generation of the PV roof. Simulations were conducted in PVsyst. The results show that only very small portions of the PV systems on the carpark and linkway were shaded by the trees. The study also shows that the main roof top and the lower roof top were basically not affected. Hence, it is justified that the trees could be conversed, while regular pruning N PV carpark PV main roof PV linkway Lower roof PV PV sunshades of the trees around the carpark and linkway areas is recommended.
Pages: 617 - 624