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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2011: 12th Conference of IBPSA


Building Energy Modeling: Industry-wide Issues and Potential Solutions

Kendra Tupper, Ellen Franconi, Coreina Chan

Abstract: The need to identify best practices and deliver quality tools to perform in-depth building performance analysis has never been greater. An important starting point is to identify the major barriers faced by the energy modeling community, convene fragmented stakeholders and begin collaborative dialogue. Based on input from relevant serve as stakeholder representatives as we engaged in industry-wide problem solving. Approximately 55 invited guests attended the resulting BEM Innovation Summit from the various stakeholder groups (see Figure 1). Individuals were chosen based on industry experience and contributions, as well as peer recommendations. Practitioners/ stakeholders, steps to overcome these issues have been identified. This paper discusses the major issues (within the U.S. energy modeling community) preventing building energy modeling from best supporting widespread solutions for low-energy buildings. It also summarizes potential solutions that were developed to address many of these issues.
Pages: 735 - 742