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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2011: 12th Conference of IBPSA


Building Form Optimization In Early Design Stage To Reduce Adverse Wind Condition – Using Computational Fluid Dynamics

Jihun Kim, Yun Kyu Yi, Ali M. Malkawi

Abstract: Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation (CFD) has been mainly used for building scientists as an analysis tool to assess the complex phenomenon of building physics. It has recently been used as a design support tool. However, its utilization in the later phase of design restricts the applicability, mainly due to the lack of integration with geometry software application and optimization. This paper explores a method to integrate CFD with NURBS Modelling program (CAD) to optimize the building form in order to reduce the adverse wind. The first step is to investigate the hierarchical relationship between the geometries of the proposed building and surroundings, which are to be investigated by CFD to analyse the wind behaviour. The identified problems will be considered to generate the alternative forms to be simulated again with the existing surrounding geometries. This feedback loop will be repeated until it satisfies the objective. The proposed method will provide several alternative forms to be utilized for architects while discovering the relationship between building form and outdoor wind conditions.
Pages: 785 - 791