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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2011: 12th Conference of IBPSA


Modeling PCM-Enhanced Insulation System And Benchmarking Energyplus Against Controlled Field Data

Som S. Shrestha, William A. Miller, Therese K. Stovall

Abstract: Phase-change materials (PCM) used in building envelopes appear to be a promising technology to reduce energy consumption and reduce/shift peak load. However, due to complexity in modeling the dynamic behavior of PCMs, current modeling tools either lack an accurate way of predicting the performance and impact of PCMs in buildings or validation of predicted or measured performance is not available. This paper presents a model of a PCM-enhanced dynamic-insulation system in EnergyPlus (E+) and compares the simulation results against fieldmeasured data. Laboratory tests to evaluate thermal properties and to characterize the PCM and PCMenhanced cellulose insulation system are also presented in this paper. Results indicate that the predicted daily average heat flux through walls from the E+ simulation was within 9% of field measured data. Future analysis will allow us to predict annual energy savings from the use of PCM in buildings.
Pages: 800 - 807