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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2011: 12th Conference of IBPSA


Building integrated vegetation as an energy conservation measure applied to non-domestic building typology in UK

Apeksha Gupta, Matthew Hall, Christina Hopfe

Abstract: Amongst a large range of passive energy conservation measures (ECMs), building integrated vegetation (BIV systems) is witnessing a rapid growth in both research and market development (Bass and Baskaran, 2003). Unfortunately, their uptake remains limited in the UK, although the existing non-domestic building stock is in urgent need of energy conservation in order to meet the UK’s carbon reduction target. This research aims at analysing the performance of BIV systems as an ECM specifically to the nondomestic building typology. For a six-storey office building in London, a sensitivity analysis is conducted using different parameters to assess the performance of BIV systems. The optimised solution of these parameters that achieve maximum energy savings was applied to the building typology. The outcomes of this paper can be used as a design tool for BIV systems in order to maximise energy savings of a building.
Pages: 949 - 956