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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2011: 12th Conference of IBPSA


A system for the comparison of tools for the simulation of water-based radiant heating and cooling systems

Benjamin M. Behrendt, Daniela Raimondo, Ye Zhang

Abstract: Low temperature heating and high temperature cooling systems such as thermally activated building systems (TABS) offer the chance to use low exergy sources, which can be very beneficial financially as well as ecologically when using renewable energy sources. The above has led to a considerable increase of water based radiant systems in modern buildings and a need for reliable simulation tools to predict the indoor environment and energy performance. This paper describes the comparison of the building simulation tools IDA ICE, IES , EnergyPlus and TRNSYS. The simulation tools are compared to each other using the same room and boundary conditions. The results show significant differences in predicted room temperatures, heating and cooling degree hours as well as thermal comfort in winter and summer.
Pages: 1025 - 1032