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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2011: 12th Conference of IBPSA


Modeling a solar chimney for maximum solar irradiation and maximum airflow, for low latitude locations

Leticia De Oliveira Neves, Maurício Roriz, Da Silva Fernando Marques

Abstract: Numerous researches have shown the possibility to enhance indoor natural ventilation in buildings by using inclined solar chimneys, although most of them usually include determining an optimum tilt for the absorber, considering an inclination angle between maximum solar irradiation and best stack height. This paper resumes the investigation of a possibility to optimize solar irradiation on the absorber plane and also guarantee a considerable stack height, by using a chimney extension, which would be responsible to maintain a minimum height for the system, independently from the absorber inclination. Results of a building simulation were compared with outputs from an experimental test cell for calibration. Theoretical analyses were developed, aiming to evaluate the proposed system’s performance. Results testify a significant airflow enhancement, demonstrating its viability to use as a natural ventilation strategy in a Brazilian low latitude location.
Pages: 1119 - 1126