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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2011: 12th Conference of IBPSA


Modelling the impact of glazing selection on daylighting performance of an office building in Singapore using EnergyPlus

Poh Khai Ng, Stephen K Wittkopf, Weimeng Sun

Abstract: An analysis of glazing selection’s impact on daylighting performance for a small area of a westfacing office building in Singapore was performed. Nine configurations consisting of four different glazings were selected: 1) clear glazing; 2) a-Si photovoltaic glazing; 3) electrochromatic glazing; and 4) glazing integrated with blinds. Daylight modelling was performed in EnergyPlus to simulate the daylight levels at different areas of the office area. The results of this simulation are presented in this paper. The two parameters discussed are daylight illuminance (lux) and daylight autonomy (%). The discussion will also focus on utilizing initial simulation results to determine the ideal glazing selection for optimum daylighting.
Pages: 1161 - 1167