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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2011: 12th Conference of IBPSA


A ‘Picasa’ For BPS – An Interactive Data Organization And Visualization System For Building Performance Simulations

Karthik Dondeti, Christoph F Reinhart

Abstract: An ubiquitous problem of building performance simulation (BPS) – and the use of digital technology in general – is finding a method for archiving and documenting simulation results from different projects as well as from different design alternatives within the same project. In order to address the problem of data accessibility and organization, this paper proposes an advanced results filtering, organizing and displaying program that is capable of extracting key simulation information from dozens of previous projects and project variants. A prototype has been developed for DIVA-for-Rhino, a daylighting and energy analysis plug-in for the Rhinoceros CAD environment.
Pages: 1250 - 1257