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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2011: 12th Conference of IBPSA


Design And Validation Of A Facade Zigzag-Shading Model

Johannes Maderspacher, Sven Moosberger

Abstract: For a prototype building of a plus energy house, contributed to the Solar Decathlon 2010 by the University of Rosenheim (Rosenheim, 2011), attention was paid to the development of an own solar protection system. This shading device has a very dynamic behaviour for direct solar transmittance (Te) and for the total heat gain coefficient (g). Therefore a special analysis, with a revised double façade model, in the simulation environment was necessary. Satisfying correlation of the simulation results with measurements was met by: • adapting the simple window code in the double façade model with angle dependent Te and g values to consider the complex geometry of the façade • using the “air gap” in the double façade model to account the convective and emitted heat transfer of the preheating shading device.
Pages: 1357 - 1362