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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2011: 12th Conference of IBPSA


Urban Modelling for Resource Performance Analysis: Estimating Cities’ Renewable Energy Potential

Juan José Sarralde, David Quinn, Daniel Wiesmann

Abstract: A preliminary methodology based on the urban metabolism approach (Fernández, 2007) is developed to explore the relationships between urban configuration and some measures of urban sustainability. The goal of this study is to establish a standardised method for the analysis of urban resource performance that can be applied to different cities around the world. For this, physical descriptors of urban morphology are combined with land-use variables, to identify representative typologies of urban clusters. Subsequently, the resource performance of each typology is evaluated in terms of material intensity, energy demand, and, what is the focus of this paper, renewable energy potential. The preliminary findings of two case studies suggest that there is a strong inverse relationship between building density and the renewable energy potential of cities.
Pages: 1370 - 1377