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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2011: 12th Conference of IBPSA


Systematic Development Of An Operational BIM Utilising Simulation And Performance Data In Building Operation

Edward Joseph Corry, Marcus M Keane, James O'Donnell

Abstract: This paper discusses the fragmented nature of the management of building information throughout the building lifecycle, detailing a lack of coherent systematic methods and tools for the specification, analysis and comparison of predicted building performance with actual building performance. This information deficit restricts the achievement of optimal building performance during the operational phase of the building life cycle. Optimal building operation includes the comparison of ideal performance defined using validated building energy simulation models with actual performance, by transforming data from building management systems. Scope exists to optimise building performance by centrally placing ideal performance within a systematic performance measurement framework. This paper outlines a methodology to optimise building performance by systematically developing an Operational Building Information Model (O-BIM) underpinned by a systematic performance framework explicitly linking ideal performance data to actual building operational data.
Pages: 1422 - 1429