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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2011: 12th Conference of IBPSA


Trombe Wall Thermal Performance for a Modular Façade System in different Portuguese Climates: Lisboa, Porto, Lajes and Funchal

Helenice Maria Sacht, Luis Bragança, Manuela Guedes Almeida

Abstract: Trombe wall and high performance glazing are the façade system improvements used in this research. This paper reports about an ongoing investigation on a new façade system: "Façade Modules for EcoEfficient Refurbishment of Buildings", focused on thermal performance of Trombe wall and glazing. Computational simulations were performed with DesignBuilder software for different arrangements of modules, occupancy profile and internal gains according to Portuguese reality. For this research were considered two double-glazing, four climates in Portugal, one and two Trombe walls and four solar orientations. Results show an important energy consumption decrease with use of Trombe walls and double self-cleaning glazing.
Pages: 1444 - 1450