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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2011: 12th Conference of IBPSA


The Creation Of Generic Energy Simulation Models Which Represent Typical Commercial Buildings And Their Calibration Against Real Energy Data

Shaan Cory, Anthony Gates, Michael Donn

Abstract: This paper documents the process and results of the creation and calibration of standardised energy simulation models of typical New Zealand commercial buildings. The typical templates decrease the time to build an energy simulation model, and increase the consistency and accuracy of the model creation when there are multiple users modelling buildings. The models are created using templates based on generic New Zealand building information. The simulated energy consumption is compared against measured data obtained by the Building Energy Enduse Study (BEES) surveys. Calibrating the models is undertaken by altering the templates to match real building information, occupant and equipment schedules gathered in the BEES surveys. The models are re-simulated and compared against the real energy data. Finally, the models are simulated using weather files for the time period of the measurements. The hypothesis tested is that simple generic models can produce accurate simulations for real buildings.
Pages: 1473 - 1480