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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2011: 12th Conference of IBPSA


Zero Emission Building Envelopes – Numerical Simulations of a Well Insulated Building with Phase Change Material Panels Integrated in the Floor

Thomas Haavi, Mark A. Murphy, Frédéric Kuznik

Abstract: In this paper, numerical building energy simulations were carried out with weather data for Karasjok, Stuttgart and Seville, to evaluate the energy saving potential of a floor with integrated PCM panels. The reference case was a lightweight wood frame floor construction. The effect of adding different thicknesses of PCM, concrete and wood was investigated. The main conclusions are: • There is a significant energy saving potential by adding thermal mass in the warmer climates in Stuttgart and Seville. • PCM has generally the best energy saving potential, but the advantage of using PCM is decreasing when the thickness is increasing.
Pages: 1497 - 1504