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Proceedings of Building Simulation 2011: 12th Conference of IBPSA


Modeling For Building Energy Performance Improvement In Accordance With The Local Climatic Settings: A Case Of A Generalizable Building Design Of Intermediate Health Care Facilities In Thailand

Nuttasit Somboonwit

Abstract: This study aims to conduct an Integrated Building Design process (IBD), collaborating a Building Information Modeling (BIM) application with a Building Energy Simulation tool (BES) to perform energy analysis, and improving the building energy performance of a Generalizable Building Design (GBD), an universal application on health care facilities design in Thailand, to state recommendations and guidelines of the BIM-BES integration for architects. A baseline model is created using a BIM system, exported by means of gbXML into a BES tool. An additional two types of modifications are performed to test the improvement of energy performance. The simulation results show that a slight variation of building orientations could alter the extent of energy consumption. Building materials constituting the envelope show their significant role on performance improvement (6.39 – 6.55 %). An integration of high performance measures could minimize energy consumption as much as 12.62 – 12.84%. Finally, the research addresses some limitations of the BIM-BES integration workflow.
Pages: 1623 - 1630